Ground e.V. is a non-profit organization registered in Berlin, Finanzamt für Körperschaften. It aims at supporting and promoting art and culture with an interdisciplinary approach. Founded in Berlin by a group of experts from different artistic disciplines, Ground e.V. acts as a participative and experimental playground supporting cultivation of new forms of expression in Germany, Turkey, Poland, Nordic countries and beyond.

Knowing strength comes from unity and orchestrated diversity, Ground e.V. will pursue its aims by realising projects in various formats such as festivals, workshops, residencies, exhibitions and other possible overlapping structures. While doing that, it facilitates its founders’ wide spectrum of  experiences to gain a valuable and necessary perspective for further innovation in artistic production.


To construct together a more critical, open and engaged society.


To create an international, interdisciplinary and festive platform that contributes to discover, share, and enrich the world through its projects.


To promote new models for innovative artistic projects in diverse contexts. To reach and form a new participative and critical public, through multidisciplinary activities for diverse sectors of society. To foster artistic development of established, emerging, and aspiring regional, national, and international artists.